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Welcome to Rassense

India's Preferred
Food Service Company

Nourishing India’s Workforce, With Our Valued Clients.

About Us

At Rassense, we don't just serve meals; we enrich lives. As India's largest domestically owned food services company, we are dedicated to elevating workplace meals into experiences that fuel productivity and happiness. Serving over 2,75,000 meals daily across various sectors, Rassense is at the forefront of culinary excellence and innovation.

“Embracing technology in all that we do!”

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Expertise in managing culinary boredom

At the heart of our success is our ability to find cutting edge solutions for our clients across sectors. Our philosophy "Together is More" enables us to work closely with our clients and vendors to bring the best solutions for the communities we serve; with the involvement of the communities from whom we procure.

Key Attributes

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Technologically advanced operations

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Leading the industry on QHSE

Thoughtful and nutritional meals tailored for each consumption segment

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Working with FPOs


Client retention rate


Annual revenue


Meals served daily





Why choose Rassense?


Execution depth

With a legacy of culinary excellence, we serve 2,75,000 meals daily through a combination of central and on-site kitchens.


Sourcing best in class ingredients.

Sourcing best in class ingredients through vendor partnerships


Celebrating Indian Heritage

Experience the essence of India through our distinctive culinary journey, blending tradition and innovation in every delightful bite


Technological Innovation

At the heart of our operations is cutting-edge technology ensuring quality, efficiency, and satisfaction.


India's largest Indian owned Food Service company

Rassense stands proudly as India’s first domestically managed pure play food service company with a pan-India presence, underpinned by an impressive 97.6% client retention rate and the distinction of being 100% domestically owned.

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